Thursday, March 16, 2017



With less milk than a latte, cappuccino offers a stronger espresso flavour and a luxurious texture. To make it properly requires much skill and attentiveness. Arguably the most important part is frothing the foam to velvety perfection as the milk steams – something our baristas take great care to achieve. The milky moustache that clings to your upper lip is proof we’ve made yours right. And may we say, you wear it well.


- 2 shot of espresso
- Steamed milk with light foam

Amount per serve

a) Tall - 12oz
b) Grande - 16oz
c) Venti - 20oz


a) Tall - RM 11.00
b) Grande - RM 12.50
c) Venti - RM 13.50
*the price does not included GST.

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