Thursday, March 16, 2017

Iced Americano

Iced Americano or Iced Coffee

 A coffee that satisfies the American preference for more sips in every cup – Europeans simply add hot water to their espresso. While the americano is similar in strength and taste to American-style brewed coffee, there are subtle differences achieved by pulling a fresh shot of espresso for the beverage base. The best way to discover these nuances, of course, is to try a cup yourself. It can serve in cold beverage and hot beverage based on customer needed. 

Whereas water is added to espresso after it’s been extracted in a caffè americano, a lungo, or long espresso, is made by passing more water through the espresso machine.


- 2 or 3 shots of espresso
- hot or cold water

Amount per serve

a) Small - 8oz
b) Tall - 12oz
c) Grande - 16oz
d) Venti - 20oz


a) Small - RM 8.00
b) Tall - RM 10.00
c) Grande - RM 12.00
d) Venti - RM 13.00
* the price is no included GST.

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